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Prep Time 3 mins
Total Time 3 mins
Makes 60 ml / 2 oz.


  • a 60ml/2oz container, jar or bottle


  • 20 drops lavender
  • 15 drops frankincense
  • 15 drops copaiba
  • 15 drops geranium
  • 10 drops tea tree
  • 10 drops turmeric optional
  • about 55ml/1.9oz. carrier oil(s) see notes


  • Add the essential oils (see notes) to a 60ml/2oz jar, container or bottle. Top up with carrier oil(s).
  • Give it a little shake to mix all the oils.
  • Store your serum in a cupboard, preferably out of the sun.
  • Apply a few drops of the face serum to your face and massage it into your skin for about a minute (or longer!) This serum is a great overnight treatment.


Essential oils: The amount of drops is up to you. 50 equals a 3% dilution, 90 equals a 5% dilution. This dilution chart will help you if you want to change this. Choose the oils that are right for you (see post for more information).
You can definitely swap some of the essential oils. See post for more options!
Carrier oils: carrier oils for glowing skin: Jojoba, rose hip, argan and grapeseed oil.