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Prep Time 3 mins
Total Time 3 mins
Makes 60 ml / 2 oz.


  • a 60ml/2oz. jar, container or bottle


  • 1 teaspoon pure vitamin E oil
  • about 60ml/2oz. carrier oil see notes
  • 50-90 drops essential oil(s) optional, see notes


  • Add essential oil(s), if using, to a small jar, container or bottle. Top up with vitamin E and carrier oil.
  • Give a little shake to mix all the oils.
  • Store your serum in a cupboard, preferably out of the sun.
  • Apply a few drops of the face serum to your face and massage it into your skin for about a minute (orlonger!) This serum is a great overnight treatment.


Carrier oils: choose a carrier high in vitamin E (like wheat germ, sweet almond, apricot kernel oil) for another boost or oil(s) that are right for your skin type (see post, under ingredients/carrier oils).
Essential oils: The amount of drops is up to you. 50 equals a 3% dilution, 90 equals a 5% dilution. This dilution chart will help you, if you want to change this. Choose the oils that are right for you (see post for more information).