About Us


When people ask me how I started in the skin care industry, I usually tell them how my sissy (I wasn't an esthetican at this time but she was) helped me with my Rosacea. Not entirely true.
Years ago I had my own housekeeping business in Portland, Oregon (my beloved hometown) called Perfect Housekeeping~your way. I thoroughly enjoyed the work, making things clean and sparkly where there had once been dirt and chaos. Near the end of my 15 years of cleaning bliss (I really loved this job) I noticed that I was tired, achey and didn't feel well at all. With the realization that I had probably consumed an entire can of Lemon Pledge, I began asking my clients is they would mind buying non-toxic cleaners for me to use in their homes. They were so receptive and appreciative, as the weeks went by, I felt much better.
Fast forward 10 years to my organic facial studio in Bethesda, Maryland. I started out as a Master Esthetician at a Day Spa with a toxic French line that had me feeling cruddy again. Seems I had to learn this lesson twice. I was motivated by the knowledge that many natural and organic sites out there are really "green washed" and misleading as to product safety.
I've personally tried, smelled, researched ingredients, slathered, and sensitivity tested these products. Here are my favorites out of this hard to maneuver world of Organic skin care and non-toxic makeup. I have picked the best of the best products that are effective, kind to your system, smell yummy, and makes you look pretty darn good.
Please feel free to contact me with your skin care and makeup question and I will give you lots of info and try to lead you in the right direction.
And call me Shanny, my friends do!